Keep Ya Head Up


Keep Ya Head Up

We get in the grip of governments scheme
While we pretend to hold hands in the land of mean
Sporting new clothes & attire
What is my hearts burning desire
Through a whole host of chorus that sings
Let’s rejoice & toast to the king of kings
Keep ya head up even in social demise
One word to the wise it’s best to surprise
Rise up ole man of God through the shutters
A peril of merciful fate on a latent desire
Through the stained glass window of saints gone before
We keep on knocking on heaven’s door
A whole host of emotions lest I implore the opened door
Shattered glass a move to fast out on the village scene
Through viscious insults we evoke the pages in between
In times of trouble fighting back the tears from my eyes
It is no surprise that the late Tupac would promote
Keep ya head up through the pale stars at night
Never to relent in ever giving up on the fight
Through voices in the mere madness with riots in the street
A soldier cry’s as a mortar is next to his feet
There’s only one chance at this life to never repeat
With a line being drawn in the sand when will we understand

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